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Palette lots (Sellers)



Seller Fees


1# Our auctions reach maximum capacity at +/- 1000 lots.

Please call before you haul! We may not be able to take your lots. 


2 # Your lots must be in good condition. Submit pictures HERE to make sure they will not be rejected.

Call if you are unsure! 1-888-676-6364


3 # Your lots must be on PALETTES AND TIED DOWN. We will refuse the load if it cannot be handled by a forklift.   


4 # If your lot is to be inside ask a representative if space is available.


5 # Encan GIQ reserves the right to refuse your items if:

They are not properly detangled on pallets or the like.

If your items have no market value.

Illegal, restricted or outdated products.  If you are unsure use our form to submit Click Here!

GIQ does not accept any furniture or worn out OTR tires.


(Palletized lots are sold without reserve to the highest bidder with a starting price of $ 10.00)