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Equal bids / Tie breakers

Bidders must be aware that equal bids can happen when a Max bid is entered within the increment amount of the bid now bouton. (Example; 500$, 100$ etc.)


In the event the biding closes on equal bids, the winner will be awarded to the last bid from the bid now bouton. To put this into perspective, it’s much like if two bidders were to lift their hands up at the same time an auctioneer calls the next increment.   


Our reasoning behind awarding the lot to last Bid Now is twofold;


Max bids can be entered with any amount higher than the current bid, and no two identical max bids can entered. Therefore it’s easy for a max bidder to enter an extra 1$ (example; 501$ 102$ etc.) or more in order to avoid a tie breaker in the first place.


Secondly, in order to use the bid now button you must be online and ready and we feel it is appropriate to encourage such a time commitment.



In closing, breaking a tie in an Auction is unavoidable and yes there is an argument that the first bid could be awarded winner, but simply put, experienced bidders just add an extra 1$ to their bids...and win!




Thank you  for your cooperation.