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Tips & Tricks for bidders

Tips for a better bidder experience


# 1 Use the Chrome browser on a recent device with a good internet connection. A reboot of your device is also strongly suggested. Clear your history as well. (Instructions to clear your history on chrome)

Use this feature if you cannot bid on a PC



# 2 On a cell phone, avoid roaming the network or changing wifi. Log out / Log in if this happens.

Click here for troubleshooting on Mobile


# 3 Avoid your device from entering sleep mode during your session.


# 4 If you are on an internet satellite connection, refresh your screen often. ‘’Lag’’ on this type of connection will prevent real-time updates.


# 5 Avoid max bids that are set in round numbers. Add $ 1 or a few dollars more to your max bid.

(Example: instead of $ 100, put $ 101) In a tie breaker, the '' bid '' button wins on the max bid.


# 6 Do not wait until the last second to bid. Between your device and our server there may be up to 3 seconds difference.


# 7 Inspect lots before bidding! The lots are on location for this purpose and the sales are final.



Good Auction!


Thank you