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Payment Options & Taxes

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of Payment:

  • American Express (3% Stripe process fee)
  • Visa (3% Stripe process fee)
  • MasterCard (3% Stripe process fee)
  • Interac Onsite
  • Bank draft
  • Wire transfer (allow 48hrs)
  • Direct deposit (allow 24hrs)
  • Cash
  • *e-transfer Important! see link below or we will refuse your e-transfer. 
For e-transfer secret question, please use your invoice number, please follow this link.*

Bank transfer information: At bottom of the invoice.


Sales Tax

Sales tax amounts are calculated based on your address:


Alberta auctions: GST 5% on all sales exception made for agricultural tractors over 60 HP for agricultural use are zero-rated.

New tires are subject to Alberta tire levy.


Quebec auctions:  

  • QC: 5% GST & 9.975% TVQ
  • ON: 13% HST
  • PEI, NS, NB & NL: 15% HST
  • Rest of Canada: 5% GST
  • Passenger vehicles less than 4000kg purchased for use in QC 5%, TVQ 9.975% will be charged by SAAQ according to book value if vehicle is under 10 years old. Invoice value for over 10 years.
  • Agricultural tractors over 60 HP for agricultural use are zero-rated.
  • ATV-Snowmobiles and motorbikes purchased for use in QC, 5% GST, 9.975% will be charged on blue book value under 10 years old.
  • New tires are subject to Québec tire levy